It was a dark and stormy night …

It was a dark and stormy night; well, not literally, but that’s where these stories usually begin…

The calendar read October 31, Halloween.  That night when bands of small ghouls, witches, and zombies roamed the streets seeking chocolates, lollipops and other sweet treats.  But, it was late now and most of them were safely at home tucked into their beds.

A woman sat alone in her home, her candy supply long exhausted, waiting in the darkness for midnight to come.  She had both dreaded and anticipated this day for the past several weeks.  She could have just gone to bed and faced this in the morning, but she was determined to meet it head on.  Her palms sweat, her mind raced.

The clock on the wall ticked ever closer, 11:35.  What if I can’t do this, she thought.  What if I start, then stop part way through, unable to continue?  What then?  11:47…  She got up and paced around the room, unable to keep still.  11:52…

This is ridiculous, she thought, you’ve got to calm down.  She walked to the kitchen and got herself a cup of soothing tea.  She glanced again at the clock, 11:58.  Okay, she steeled herself, it’s almost time.

She walked to her computer and sat down.  She pressed the power button and it whirred to life.  She opened the software to a blank screen with a single blinking cursor.  Alright, ten more seconds.  Five seconds.  Three.  Two.  One…

“Ok, let’s do this.”  She put her fingers on the keyboard and began.  It was time.  NaNoWriMo had begun…

Happy Halloween, everyone!  And happy NaNoWriMo!

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