NaBloPoMo – Day 5

Hi there.  It’s day 5 and today’s letter is B.

B is for …

Books!  I love to read (although I don’t have nearly enough time in the day for reading as I would like).  Here are some I’ve read this year:


If you can tell by the selections above, I am all about the genre books.  Anything “other-worldly”, be it fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal/supernatural, dystopian, is going to get my attention.  I also enjoy historical fiction, especially when it includes a genre twist (see His Fair Assassin trilogy, which I loved).

Although I am currently behind on my NaNo writing, I am right on track to finish my Goodreads reading challenge this year.  Of course, I wasn’t overly ambitious and chose a very reasonable 18 books to read this year.  I should definitely finish the 18 (I’ve currently finished 16 and am half-way through one book and almost one-third of the way through another – those would be books 17 and 18).  I might even be able to squeeze in a 19th book.

But, November is supposed to be all about writing.  So, I will definitely be spending a little less time reading this month.  I’m still stuck at 1,540 NaNo words, but I will definitely be trying my hardest to get caught up this weekend.  Well, that’s about it for now.  See you later… 🙂

NaNoWriMo progress:  1,540 words written, 48,460 words to go



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